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Interactive Response System Support for Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education

This study aims to explore the teaching effectiveness of the “Cloud Class Room- interactive response system, interactive teaching model” in the course of introduction to nursing research. Study using single-group, pretest and posttest design. A total of 58 students from the two technical classes of the nursing department participated in the study. The majority of aged between 20 and 29 accounted for 81% of the total. Nearly 70% of them never been the Internet-assisted instruction course. The results showed that after the intervention of cloud-based interactive teaching, the overall score of the self-directed learning scale and health technology scale reached a statistically significant difference. The “cloud class room- interactive response system, interactive teaching model” can provide students with different learning experiences from the traditional methods. It can increase students' understanding of the use of science and technology in teaching, improve health technology attitudes and self-directed learning, and increase their interest in learning about research. Keywords - Cloud Class Room(CCR), Interactive Response System(IRS), Interactive Teaching Model, Introduction to Nursing Research