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Food Security Perspectives In Central Asia

This paper oriented to compare the socio-economic indicators of the Central Asian countries during the two decades of independence from the USSR. Central Asian Countries has been begun transitioning from planned economy to a market economy since collapsing of the Soviet Union in 1991. During the last 20 years of the transition period the socio-economic life of the region changed thoroughly. The main tasks of these countries were to stop declining of national economy, which accompanied with destroying economic cooperation among former socialist countries, to create new typical economic model for transition to a market economy, to improve the livelihood of the population and provide food security. This paper analysis the socio-economical potentials of the CAC, development of the agricultural sector and its response to population growth for purpose to meet the expected demand for food without significant increases in prices. The more detail in this paper analyzed the economic growth, population dynamics, human capital, agriculture`s response to demand growth. Keywords - Central Asia, Transition, Market Economy, Food Security, Economic Growth.