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Indo-Uae Relations: Deepening Ties and The Dawn of A Strategic Partnership.

The Gulf region has always been a significant player in the international politics because of its vital strategic location and abundance of natural resources specifically the black gold. The UAE’s economic, political and cultural links with India, which date back to more than a century ago, have turned multi-dimensional with the deepening of ties. The relations have now moved on to a strategic discourse. Bilateral trade has entered new harbours and the waves of people-to-people contacts have bolstered. From a mere G2G (Government to Government) interaction, the relation has transformed to G2P (Government to People) interaction. The genesis of strategic economic engagement can be traced to the aftermath of September 11, 2001, when there was a fundamental shift in policy of Gulf towards India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first ever Indian PM to visit United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2015 marks the beginning of a new era of political, economic, socio cultural and security cooperation between the two countries. Through this paper, I wish to draw attention to the areas of cooperation between India and UAE in the 21st century and deepening of a unique bilateral convergence in the Indo-Gulf region. The research objective of this paper is to analyse foreign policy and the trajectory of bilateral relationship between the two countries beginning from 2001 till present times. Key Words- Foreign Policy, India,Gulf cooperation Council, Remittances, United Arab Emirates, Strategic Partnership