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The Palestinian State from The Palestinian Perspective, The Israeli Perspective and The Two-State Solution

The study aimed to develop scientific and logical solutions for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state and to coexist with the Israeli people who will have their own independent state and end the Arab-Israeli conflict that has lasted for many years and decades. The importance of the study stems from the fact that it will highlight the common interests of the Palestinian people and the Israeli people and the gains that the two sides will make in achieving security in the region and support their international position. The study concluded that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can not continue indefinitely and will never achieve security and peace in the region. There will be no gains to be made by Israel in the continuation of its occupation of the Palestinian territories, with the cumulative violence. The study recommended the need for the establishment of a Palestinian state full of sovereignty in the time of the right of the Palestinian people, who plundered his land to enjoy this viable state and Israel must agree to establish it with international, Arab, American and European support.