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Effectiveness Of Cooperative Learning Approach (STAD) Towards Writing Skill Of The Pupils

This study is conducted to investigate the effectiveness of cooperative learning (STAD) in enhancing students’ essay writing skills in the learning and facilitating of Malay language. A total of sixty form four students were selected as respondents for this study. The researcher observes a problem that conventional learning and facilitating is still being practiced by the school teachers which contributes to a lack of students’ participation in cooperative learning. The data are collected through survey questionnaires and pre and post-tests. The data are then analysed using SPSS version 23 to obtain the percentage score, frequency and mean score. The study has found that cooperative learning produces significant changes in their essay writing skills. The results from the participants’ post-test have shown improvement in their test scores. This study also validates that cooperative learning is highly recommended for teachers to gain students’ attention and their enhancement in writing essays. The findings from this study have produce good implications to teachers and students in implementing cooperative learning as one of the teaching and learning strategies in classrooms. Keywords - Cooperative Learning (STAD), Writing Skills