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The Model of Health Care Management with Self-Reliance for Elderly Care in Mae-Sai Community

This research is a participatory action research. The objectives of the research are to: 1) explore Mae-Sai community context; 2) investigate problems in the conservation of resources and local wisdoms of Mae-Sai community; 3) study the pattern of knowledge management of the elders on resources and local wisdoms conservation for lifelong learning in Mae-Sai community.The research area covered 4 villages of Mae-Sai sub-district, Rong-Kwang district, Phrae province, Thailand. The data were collected from document, interviewing, focus group, learning stages and SWOT analysis brainstorming in community. The participants in the research learning process were the elderly, monks, volunteers for health care in community, the village committees, youths and government representatives numbering 60. The results revealed the four understanding elderly local wisdom among 1) the wisdom of indigenous herbal medicines which inherited the knowledge from ancestors from generation to generation 2)the wisdom of agricultural sufficiency 3) the wisdom of woven and 4) the wisdom of Lanna folk music. There are fifth phases for Mae-Sai elderly's KM patterns for resources and local wisdom conservation in Mae-Sai Community as followed: 1)The socialization phase by exchanging and sharing their knowledge in a form of networking, 2) The externalization by arranging Q&A stage about resources and local wisdom conservation from the best CoPs inside and outside of community, 3) The combination by using the knowledge distribution both inside and outside community through social network and Mae-Sai elderly local wisdom center, 4) The internalization phase by using PDCA circle in managing their activities, studying and developing from field trip study, and 5) The digitalization phase by using Big Data for dissemination information from all sectors so as to promote the quality of life of general public as well as to enhance the community’s potential. Index Terms - Knowledge Management, elderly people, resources and local wisdom conservation, lifelong learning.