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Potassium Recovery From High Muscovite Containing K-Feldspar Ore

Potassium feldspars can be evaluated as a source of potash and can be processed with a heat treatment followed by water leaching without being constrained. This operation can be an alternative potash production and value-added products can be produced from feldspars. In the scope of thesis, the ore which contains microcline, albite and muscovite with 9.69% K2O was subjected to roasting followed by leaching for production potash source for agriculture. After chloridizing roasting leaching conditions such as solid ratio, temperature and duration were optimized and the optimum parameters were chosen as 15% solid ratio (wt.), 40 oC and 60 minutes. Finally, lime, calcite and sodium chloride wereused as additives and among them only sodium chloride was showed improvable results. Keywords: Potassium extraction; feldspar; muscovite; chloridizing roasting