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Requirements Elicitation Approach to Support E-learning Activities

E-learning is an application that can be used to obtain and share information via the Internet. By using E-learning, the learning process is more flexible than learning in a traditional classroom since learners are exposed with various kinds of platform and technology. Education can happen either in class, at home, in public anywhere and anytime. During learning process, knowledge can be reinforced, thus, contribute to another new theories or contributions. For higher education domain, E-learning has a very great value for students to learn by socially interact via online. Collaborative activities in E-learning help the instructors to produce knowledgeable graduates with various experience in gaining knowledge on respective subjects. This paper highlights on how requirements elicitation can support E-learning activities by using E-learning technology. This paper also reveals on requirements elicitation which is used to elicit important elements in E-learning to address social interaction during learning process. Lastly, this paper also seizes upon the opportunity to suggest possible requirements elicitation approach to extract learning elements and thus transform it into software requirements. Index Terms - Collaborative activities, E-learning, learner, requirements elicitation.