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Study of Soil Infiltrations Rate Due To Migration of Leachate At College Road Dumpsite Kaduna North Using Inaa Technique

Depth wise variation of heavy metal concentration and distribution in solid waste disposal site was examined to investigate the rate of soil infiltration due to continuous disposal of solid waste in an open dumpsite. Six soil samples were collected from a hole at an interval of 0, 25, 50, 100, 120 and 150cm depth profile respectively and analyzed using instrumental neutron activation analysis technique. The results showed a varying concentration of the contaminants with depth from top soil to depth of 150cm. It is recommended that further research beyond the scope of this depth be investigated in other to elucidate the effect of ground water pollution around the dumpsite. Keywords- Municipal Solid Waste, Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis, Heavy Metal, Leachate, Infiltration and Dumpsite.