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Secure Home: An Approach to a Guarded Residential IoT Network

As more devices become internet-connected, there is a greater need for secure and discrete device-to-device communication. Data shows that at the time of this writing the number of internet-connected devices is around 20 billion and is expected to increase to 29 billion by the end of 2022. In the early days of IoT the majority of the market was comprised of cellular phones, but by the end of 2018, the number of internet connected "things" is expected to surpass the number of cellular phones. While many of these devices perform low-risk tasks such as data measurement (temperature) or status alerts (home door/window open/closed), the security of these devices in a network is becoming increasingly important. While in the past a homeowner only needed to worry about a burglar physically breaking into their home using specialized physical tools, now they must worry about the same person entering their home through the use of hacking their home network. The need for a simple yet scalable method of securely adding and communicating to nodes on a home network will be investigated and proposed. Our approach includes creating a smart home infrastructure, which guarantees secure and effective communication between the IoT devices connected to a single Wi-Fi router. Keywords - Access Control, Identity Management, IoT, Smart Home