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Fused Deposition Modeling Technology for The Production Components of The Super-Efficient Shell Ecomarathon Car

Fused Deposition Modeling rapid prototyping technology consists in applying a melt of thermoplastic material with the print head layer by layer until the complete physical object is created. With the decrease of the 3D printers’ price, FDM was also used in the production of final products or spare parts. Thanks to the low price of 3D printers and print materials for this technology, it is currently the most widespread 3D printing technology in the world. This paper presents the application of FDM technology for part production of the super-efficient car Eco Arrow 3.0 which took part in the Shell EcoMarathon competition in the prototype class. The use of 3D printing technology to produce many elements of the car designed especially for its construction allowed to significantly reduce the cost and time of their implementation at the stage of prototypes and final models. Keywords - 3D Printing, 3D Printing Costs, Fused Deposition Modeling, Additive Manufacturing, Shell EcoMarathon