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On The Fabrication of Soft Artificial Muscles for Assistive Devices

One of the recent fields of research in assistive robotic devices is the utilization of soft robotic actuators to design prostheses and assistive devices. Soft robotics have been one of the interesting topics of the roboticists and researchers within the past decade. A key aspect of soft robots is their compliance and adaptability to various interactions and applications. When compared to conventional rigid-bodied robots, soft robots are safe, for human-robot interactions and applications, as well as cheaper in fabrication. Extensive research on fabricating methods of soft actuators have been reported that includes elastic materials, edible materials and hybrid advanced materials that combines stiffness and elasticity. In this research, an investigation and development of various types of soft actuators will be carried out to design a suitable soft robotic actuator for assistive devices for elder and disabled people with muscle spasticity due to post stroke conditions or injuries. Keywords- soft robotics, assistive devices, 3D printing