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The Use of Virtual Learning Environment in Distance Education Institutions in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects

Advancement in Information and Communications Technology has impacted on teaching and learning tremendously such that the traditional emphasis on print in the educational system is gradually giving way technology enhanced learning (TEL). Over the years, the use of technology in education globally has advanced both in scale and in its innovativeness. Indeed this is more apt in terms of Distance Education delivery. In today’s digital age, educational paradigms are embracing more flexible approaches such as online learning, blended learning and collaborative models of learning. This paper provides a theoretical construct of TEL terminologies: E-Learning, Blended Learning and Virtual Learning. It expounds various E-learning technologies applicable to an Open and Distance Education system. The use of E Learning or VLE use in five selected accredited DLCs in Nigeria was discussed briefly and challenges on the use of these technologies were highlighted. Recommendations made centred on a balanced use of such technologies to achieve global best practice in Distance Education delivery in Nigeria. Index Terms- E-Learning, Online Learning, Open and Distance Education, Learning Management System, Virtual Learning Environment.