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An Empirical Study of Workplace Violence: Ideas on How to Stop it

Zero-tolerance against Workplace Violence (WPV) should be the motto of every workplace. No worker should be a victim of such abuse. As such, organisations should ensure the existence of a safe working environment, and governments should introduce tough legislation to halt WPV. Furthermore, extensive research is required on ways to prevent WPV. The current research in this area is limited to defining WPV, finding where and when it occurs, and drafting prevention policies. But the actual way to prevent WPV remains a largely unexplored area. Brainstorming is an effective way to generate a pool of ideas on how to prevent WPV. This study generated a pool of ideas by conducting a survey on how to prevent WPV. The survey included 50 participants from various industries and found that 40% of the participants had experienced WPV. This is an alarming statistic.Participants also shared their ideas on how to prevent WPV. The common phrases used in their responses were as follows: • Access to legal advice on WPV • Public forums on WPV • Strict rules • Safe working environment • Implement prevention policies • Creating awareness • Having a reporting system • Educate employees • Instil a culture of mutual respect • Provide avenues for counselling • Recognition of good behaviour • Providing multiple layers of communication • Reporting WPV to external authorities • More respect for diversity and multiculturalism One can use the above suggestions as a way to move from awareness of the existence of WPV to actionto prevent it. Doing so will show that prevention is indeed better than a cure. Keyword - Workplace Violence, Safe Working Environment