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Making of Documentary film “My story is…” (DOI Bo Highland Agricultural Development Station under the Royal Initiative Documentary Film)

From the research, causing inspiration in making short films “ My story is… ” which is derived from the real life of a boy in the village. At the end of basic education (gread 6). But don’t know his needs. And confusing to decide his future, because of the lack of educational opportunity Due to family status that is not ready to support. The story presents a boy had a chance to know The highland agricultural development station at Doi Bo, according to the royal initiative of Queen Sirikit under the induction of senior friend to visited, learn, and make a decision. To participate in training. As a result, the boys get answers about their future. As the knowledge in agriculture. In order to build a career in the future. Without abandoning their settlements Moreover, know the forest conservation and sustainable for the use of the available space in cultivation to get the maximum benefit. Index Terms - Docudrama, Documentory Shot film, Royal project, sufficiency economy