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Development Of A Cartesian Robot For Silver Nanowire (AgNw) Testing

One of the ongoing research project in the University of the Philippines is developing a silver nanowire (AgNw) conductive sheet. The conductive sheet is designed to be used for touchscreen applications. Hence, there is a need to characterize and testthe electrical characteristics of the silver nanowire. Specifically,this project developed a testing platform for the testing of AgNw.The project addressed both the mechanical and electronic designof the test platform. The testing platform adopted a Cartesian form. Parts weremodeled using OpenSCAD and then prototyped using fusedfilament fabrication. Two stepper motor, one for each Cartesian axis, provide actuation and employs screw driving. A controllerboard was also made that housed a PIC microcontroller andstepper motor drivers to provide control for each axis. Thecontroller also accept interrupts from the data probe to providea means of communication between them. The Cartesian robot’s performance parameters was tested.Specifically the Cartesian robot’s repeatability, and accuracy wascharacterized. The frame is rigid that repeated motions arepossible. The platform is easily configured for different sizes andtests. This opens up the possibility of being used for other testingpurposes. Index Terms - AgNw Testing, Cartesian Robot, Robotics, Automation