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Writing With One’s Eyes. Identity And Communicative Strategies in 99% Thank You and Rag Doll

The testimonies of people who are sick have become popular in recent years. Both in traditional books and electronic literature, narratives of disease develop a variety of structures and communicative strategies. As a consequence of their specific topic, these stories are usually considered samples of autopathography, a separate sub-category within testimonial studies, which has not been properly associated either to so-called trauma studies or catastrophe narratives. The current research reflects on different aspects of these kinds of narratives and analyzes bothidentity issues and communicative/literary strategies in two works: 99% Thank you (2013),by Masahiro “Hiro” Fujita, and Muñeca de trapo[Rag Doll] (2013), by Leo Montero. Keywords - Literature about illness, trauma studies, catastrophe narratives, autopathography, ALS.