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Object Tracking And Control Of A Model Train Using Machine Vision Techniques

Studying a railway signaling system from the actual location may consist of many equipment and enormous costs due to many complexities in the system which require the expert to proceed them. Therefore, the control robotics and vibration (CRV) research group has developed a model train system to benefit the study of the train system. The details of this research began with the study of image processing for detecting and tracking the model train. For machine vision system, there are three main steps of operation which are Real-time image acquisition, Image background subtraction and object tracking. In parts of control system, Fuzzy logic control is used as a method of controlling the model train to stop automatically since the fuzzy logic control is uncomplicated and provides the reasonable logic to make the model train stop at the target accurately. Index Terms - Machine vision system, Object tracking, Model train, Fuzzy logic control system, Image processing