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The Concept of Community Based Tourism for Resort Bakhmaro Development

Bakhmaro is located (20150m above sea level) in the municipality of Chokhatauri on Meskheti mountain range. The resort, with its amazing pine and fir-tree forest, alpine meadows and charming views, offers its visitors the mixture of sea and mountain air that is beneficial for people with respiratory problems. Extraordinary and unusual legends are connected to the foundation of Bakhmaro and visitors, as well as locals find them mysterious and attractive. Cultural heritage of the resort is its cute wooden cottages scattered throughout the green valley and community dwellers, who live there from early spring to late autumn and follow livestock raising (mostly cows and buffalos) and agriculture (potato and strawberry farming). They are mostly Adjarians from mountainous Adjara(region in Georgia) peculiar with traditions, cultureand habits. The article deals with the research results, the concept covers the action plan and concrete steps/routes/tours for community based tourism development in order to raise awareness and popularize the resort world widely. Keywords - Bakhmaro, resort, community, traditions, tourism