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A Narrative Discourse of The Elderly in Thai News

Thai society stepped into the aged society. Some Thai elderly people face problems with violence. The elderly were attacked and deceived by criminals. There is crime news about the elderly on the website of Thai Television. The news is a genre of narrative discourse. The purpose of this study is to study the characteristics of the storytelling in the news about the elderly by using the narrative model of Labov and Waletzky.The data revealed that the characteristics of the narrative in the news are as follows:1)Second-hand stories. The main narrator is a news reporter. The owner of the story is the elderly.2)Inverted pyramid style of news with a narrative model. Evaluation can appear in any sections of the news. The orientation, complicating action, result and coda appear in the body section.3)Lexical strategies use the addressing term to represent aging. In terms of verb, the most frequently verb is material process, followed by the relational process, verbal process and mental process. The material process relates to the narrative discourse which narrates the happening. Index terms - Narrative, Elderly, Thai news.