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Ultrasonic Transducer Application in Liquid Level Measurement

Liquid level measurement are one of the most frequently encountered problems in the industry. According to the environmental conditions of the site, it is very important to select the corresponding measurement technology to detect the liquid level range and accuracy. Ultrasonic positioning used in this study has many advantages. Compared with radioactive positioning, ultrasound technology does not require protection. Compared with laser ranging, it has the advantages of simplicity and economy, and is relatively convenient for maintenance and installation. Therefore, compared with the traditional positioning measurement, the ultrasonic level gauge has the advantages of quickness, accuracy, durability, and adaptability to harsh environments, and has achieved the effect of greatly reducing the cost. This study uses gas as the sound transmission medium. Since the transducer used is monostatic. When the ultrasonic waves are transmitted, they interfere with each other, so that the wave packets overlap each other when the signal is received, causing misjudgment. Therefore, multiple acrylic tube are used as shielding. Guide the monostatic transducer to measure the liquid level height, and also measure the angle of inclination static water surface. Accuracy within 1%. It is much better than the related liquid level gauge products on the market, and it can achieve more accurate and stable measurement results at low cost, with long-term operation and wider application. Keywords - Ultrasonic measurement, Liquid level, waveguide