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Impact Assessment of Technology to A Private College in Bulacan, Philippines: The Mediating Effect of Hybrid Approach

This paper assessed the impact of technology to a private college in Bulacan, Philippines basically looking into the mediating effect of the hybrid approach into teaching and learning of students in senior high school. It particularly sought answers to the following questions: (1) Is technology being utilized in teaching ABM strand students in Colegio de Calumpit? (2) What are the barriers in using technology in teaching these students? (3) What is the effectiveness of technology to students’ full engagement? (4) What is the overall satisfaction of administrators, teachers and students in integrating technology to teaching? (5) What is the most/least effective aspect of applying technology in teaching subjects to ABM strand students in Colegio de Calumpit? This study is significant primarily to Colegio de Calumpit owners, administrators, faculty and students in redefining teaching approach to new breed of students – the millennials. The researcher applied descriptive-quantitative research. The utilization or possible integration of technology in teaching students of Colegio de Calumpit was identified. The paradigm of the study depicts the independent, dependent and mediating variables. ABM strand students, administrators and teachers as the subject respondents are the independent variables, and the technology integration is the mediating variable. The dependent variables are the level of effectiveness of utilizing technology to students’ engagement and learning satisfaction. There was also an aim to summarize recommendations or suggestions in the most and least effective aspect of digital technology. This study in effect is expected to awaken the teaching community particularly in Colegio de Calumpit on the great value of technology infusion to teaching in the 21st century. The contribution to the body of knowledge of this study is providing idea(s) to educational institutions on additional approach in teaching millennials. Keywords- Hybrid Approach, Colegio de Calumpit, ABM Strand, SAMR Model, Business Education.