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School Physical Environmental Management And Learners� Academic Effectiveness: The Quality Assurance Perspective

Better learners� study achievement is predicated on well managed school physical environment as part of the conditions that impact on learners� academic attainment. this paper focused on quality assurance dimension vis-�-vis environmental management functions in the school system at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. environment generally consists of various land forms, ranging from rocks, high lands, low lands, deserts, winds, weather, erosions, water bodies like rivers, seas and ocean; flood, earthquake, strikes, riots and insurgency. However, for this paper it is about school environment and encompasses issues like water, electricity, erosion, building, and sanitation, slumps, health and school beauty. it is assumed that there is relationship between these school environment perimeters and learners� effective learning in school. The paper looked at those situations and linked them up with quality assurance perspective as a pivot for academic sustainability of learners. solutions were proffered which included enforcement of quality assurance mandate of government, school community enlightenment, regular school compound clean-up exercises, supervision, monitoring and review of situations from time to time; all in an effort to earnestly produce learners� friendly, enhance able and promoting school physical environment to support exciting academic performance.