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Climate Change Vulnerability And Policy Response Of An Agrarian Economy

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan and has majorsharein the national economy. As climate-sensitive sector, agriculture in Pakistan is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The strong dependence on agriculture with impacts of climate change has significant effects on livelihoods and national food security. Adaptation acts as an effective response strategy to climate change. This paper examines the evolving climate change policy environment in Pakistan with a focus on adaptation and the province of Punjab agriculture, a food bowl of Pakistan.Review of policy documents emphasizes the need for enhancing research capacity in number of aspects including climate impact assessments and geospatial techniques.Literature review indicates several benefits of climate change vulnerability assessments and geospatial mapping tools including facilitation for local adaptation. The paperconcludes that given the critical importance of agriculture to Pakistan with its climate sensitivity and food security implications, policy-science interface points towards the need for capacity building in climate change vulnerability assessments and geospatial mapping aspects for the Pakistan agriculture sector. This has the potential to assist in identifying adaptation priorities and development of informed policies to support local adaptation needs. Keywords - Climate change, agriculture, vulnerability,food security, policy, Pakistan.