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An Analysison Urbansprawlinthe Tabriz Metropolitan And Its Fringe Cities

This paper assessment causes and effects of urban sprawl development pattern in during 1984- 2011 in fringe cities of the Tabriz metropolitan Area. The sprawl is external growth without control and imbalance at around of urban area that caused of destruction green space, increase traffic, loss of agricultural land and changes it�s to built-up area. In order to detect and evaluate to measure the model of urban sprawl, density and Holderness model was employed. We used quantities data of the study area from the period between 1984 and 2011, and Population Censuses Data. The result of this study shows that economic, social and environmental effects of sprawl caused that change in agriculture land to built-up area, density and transportation system from 1984 to 2011 in the around of Tabriz. Density and area analysis show that there has been an increase growth in area during the 27 years with the Percentage growth in population by 1.43% in Basmenj, 1.62% in Sardrud, 2.67% in Sofyan and 1.98% in Tabriz and with the reduction of density from 1984 to 2011. The Holderness Equation indicates in the fringe of the metropolitan city of Tabriz that on average high percent of the city physical growth was due to some factors other than population growth, and some percent was due to population growth. Keywords- Metropolitan, Fringe, Urban sprawl, Density, Holderness method, IRAN- Tabriz.