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Impact To The Phenomenon Blood Feud In Self-Concept Of children aged 7-15 Years Old. An Interpretation By Projective Techniques Drawing The Human Figure And The Family

The research highlights one of the typical and actual problems of the Albanian culture: the phenomenon of the so called bloodthirsty �revenge�. The revenge is subordinate to the lex talionis �an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth�, a traditional law in the Albanian culture, which mantains its power since the laws of the Albanion State do not have the due authority to controlthe tradition of the �kanun� which signifies �canon� of the mountains, which encourages the global destruction of the person till her total elimination , the death penalty. All the family members, in particular those of mail sex are the potential victims of such kind of violence. Children involved in these paradoxical ethic-social dynamics are the object of empirical study. The aim was to investigate the eventual relapse to the exposition to this phenomenon on the self-building in a group of children �under vengeance�. (N35)various age in relation to the different age (range:7-15: First group:7-11; group second:12-15) and gender (20 M. and 15 F) in the hypothesis that such a devastating experience could have negative repercussions on the personal identity� s development, especially in mail children, being the preferred victims. The instrument of investigation consists in some graphic- pictorial productions ( drawing of human person and of family) individually realized by the participants in their home or in some educative structures. From the results meaningful differences emerge, especially according to the gender of the participants, as a confirmation of the hypothesis. Key words- Children under Vengeance � Self Concept �Test of human figure and of Family.