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Presidency Of Religious Affairs And Reproductive Politics In Turkey: Discourse And Practices

Reproduction politics is a term predicting that "some natural feelings" such as having sexual desires and intending to growth of population can be organized and disciplinized in sociologically and politically aspects. Religious cultural and political discourses by saying �right and wrong� can organize and disciplinize the human sexuality because of that human sexuality becomes located at the center of political and social power relations. In most research conducted in Turkey state that the number of citizens who identify themselves as conservative and religious is increasing. These findings point that people becomes care about value of religion more in everyday life strategies particularly reproductive policies. On the other hand, Turkey has governed by a party that identifies itself as �conservative democrat" AKP since 2002. The official religious institution of Turkey, Precidency of Religious Affairs, has increased and diversified the duties and powers in the field of religion and politics since 2002. In this study, discourses and practices in area of reproductive policies such as , birth control, "appropriate" forms of sexuality, vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood will be analyzed by examining the Fatwa website and periodicals publications of Presidency of Religious Affairs. Keywords- Reproductive Politics, Turkey, Gender, Religous Affairs, Religion