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Interactive Knowledge Experience: Encouraging Student using Quick Response (QR) Code in Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia

In this modern-day era, every dimension has implemented technology as one of the fastest ways to make the work done, anywhere and anytime. One of the tools is Quick Responses (QR) Code which the user will have to scan the pattern of the QR Code to access the link. In education, QR code can be implemented in higher learning institutions as an alternative for students to learn about their courses. This study was conducted at Faculty Hotel and Tourism Management, Selangor branch, PuncakAlam campus, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, Malaysia. The objectives of this study are to investigate the usage of QR code as one of the learning tool in terms of interactive learning alternatives and the intention to use that leads to student’s positive behaviour towards QR code. Respondents were first to third year undergraduate students who enrolled in Housekeeping course. A survey through questionnaire was conducted to 154 respondents and it was found that QR code is significant as one of the learning tool, interactive and encourage positive intention among students to use it. This study highlights that education in higher learning institutions are flexible in teaching and learning innovation to enhance student learning experience. Keywords - Quick response (QR) code, Interactive, Higher learning institution, Innovative, Education.