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The Personalities Of Space.Beyond The Physical Characteristics Of Built Environments

The notion of personality is natural for humans, conceptualised for brands but unattained to space. Although the idea that each place, commercial or residential, has its own character is a familiar concept, the theoretical background that links the qualities of space with personality theories is non-existent. The subject of this research is thus the examination of this hidden field and the formation of a scale of measurement that can sufficiently and accurately depict the characteristics that portray personality for various branded environments. The goal is to extract the space personality types elaborated from reappearing patterns of traits across different places. The overall aim of this research is the creation of a mobile application that will use the scale to express each visitor�s impression, building this way the character of the place, contributing to its amelioration and establishing a connection. Fifteen case study brand stores have been selected for evaluation and a space personality scale has been constructed for this purpose. To measure the dimensions of space personality an idiosyncratic list of traits for space had to be generated and factor analysis from the collected data of the application�s case study evaluation had to be executed. The five dimensions and twelve facets of space personality measure the symbolic nature of space that goes beyond its physical materiality and targets the psychological imprint left on its visitors from the embedded values and meanings it contains. The space personality scale is presented theoretically as a customer-oriented tool for marketeers and architects around which they can match their concepts to their visitors� perspective. Practically it empowers participation and social responsibility by creating citizen-responsive spaces in the city. The construct of space personality and its mobile application, along with its shaped typologies are presented and analysed in this study. Keywords- Space Personality, Brand Personality, Branded Spaces, Spatial Identity, Store atmospherics, Collaborative Placemaking, Responsive Urbanism, Citizen-Driven Tools, Five-factor Model, Principal Component Analysis