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Whether or not IPM based Production Profitable for Cotton Grower: A Case Study of Punjab, Pakistan

The study was undertaken to compare the profitability differences between IPM and non-IPM in the research area. The study areas famous for two cash crops namely cotton and wheat. This research used a survey data of 326 cotton growers (161 IPM-adopters and 165 non-adopters) of Bahawalpur district, Punjab, Pakistan to estimate their profitability. The main objective of this study was whether or not IPM agriculture profitable for cotton growers with and without including health cost in the total cost? Simple input and output analysis was carried out to estimate the profitability of both producers. The production/acre of IPM farmers is 17.3 Mund/acre compared to 16.5 Mund/acre of non-IPM famers. The average profit/acre of IPM farmers was Rs.20,273 compared to non-IPM farmer’s average profit/acre of Rs. 12,661 which shows that average profit/acre of IPM farmers is 60% greater than the non-IPM farmers. However, the average health cost of NON-IPM applicator was Rs. 3,039 compared to IPM applicator was Rs. 2,567 in one season. After inclusion of health cost in the total cost, IPM farmers’ profitability reduced by 0.24% compared to non-IPM profitability which was reduced by 1.3%. 1 mund =40kg