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Industry 4.0 – An Indian Study

The purpose of this paper is to analyze India’s readiness for the fourth industrial revolution called INDUSTRY 4.0. Today the whole world is moving a leap forward by making their industries digitalized and automated. This revolution will create high flexibility in the industries. What's more, the requests of the shopper are developing inevitably as days go by so there exists a need in the headway of the innovation to meet the requests of the customer and with that, the ventures additionally stay gainful. Moreover, the "MAKE IN INDIA" idea by the Government of India has pushed more consideration towards the development of the assembling and modern segment of India. Industry 4.0 accompanies a unit of numerous things like the CONCEPT OF SMART FACTORY, INTERNET OF THINGS, CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS and some more. With the quick advancement in the fields of data innovation and equipment, India needs to embrace industry 4.0, as this idea will change the manner in which the ventures work today. This paper will focus more on the present scenario of India, the basic concept of industry 4.0, the prerequisites needed for industry 4.0 and the benefits of this revolution to the country. Index terms - Advanced Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Cloud Computing