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Pre-Treatment and Dyeing Processes for Raffia Fibers

Raffia palm plant has been used in many different areas such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture and construction industries and thus it is known as the multifunctional plant. Raffia palm fiber is a biodegradable, sustainable, eco-friendly and it has superior mechanical properties. This fiber has become an alternative fiber used in composite structures owing to its properties. Different pre-finishing process such as surface treatments can be applied to raffia palm fiber in order to form an effective bond in the composite structure.Also, it is easy to dye because it is a cellulosic fiber.In this paper, various pre-treatment processes and coloration processes such as dyeing which are applied to the raffia palm fibers were investigated in detail. Key words - Raffia, Raffia palm fiber, Pre-treatment, Dyeing, Sustainable, Biodegradable