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E-Think, E-Prepare, And E-Harmonize: Designing Rubric Tools In Determininge-Learning Materials In Teaching Filipino 11towards A Global Classroom

It is deemed necessary for e-learning materials to undergo an evaluation to ensure its effectivity in the teaching and learning process. Due to the absence of standardized assessment tool under the K-12 system of education in the Philippines in determining digital and virtual teaching materials, researchers designed a proposed rubric tool to evaluate existing e-learning materials in teaching the subject FILIPINO 11 in Senior High School. By utilizing the theoretical model of teaching according to Kolitch and Dean (1999), researchers created a rubric tool based on their concept of an engaged critical model that focuses on the learner and engages him in the process called critical dialogue. This can be achieved through careful and thorough evaluation of e-learning materials.Based on this study, there are three processes to consider: first, “e-Think” or the identification of online learning materials to be used from various sources; second, “e-Prepare” or the determination and evaluation of appropriate e-learning materials that matches learning competencies from the Department of Education (DepEd) using the corresponding rubric tool, and last,“e-Harmonize” or the actual implementation of e-learning materials in classroom activity after it has been evaluated and validated. In this manner, the teacher is expected to be highly evaluative in identifying, determining, and implementing e-learning materials in his pedagogy. Keywords - Rubric tool, e-learning materials, e-think, e-prepare, e-harmonize