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Manufacturing A Textilecomposite for Residential Purpose By Re-Use of Cellulosic Fiber as Substitute of Wooden Stuff with Compare its Shear Properties

This paper presents the re-use of Cellulosic (Bagasse fiber) waste by using polyfunctional aminesresignto form a composite technology. Fiber reinforced combat are popularly being used in many industrial applications because of their high specific strength and stiffness. Due to their exceptionalmechanical performance, these combat composites are attainment potential also in illogical applications. In this type of composites the second phase is in the form of fibers dispersed in the matrix which could be either plastic or metal. Bagasse fiber has very good flexible properties because its nature is Cellulosic based which used to resist the bending very easily. Epoxy resin has the glyceryl resins which are cellulosic properties and give the good matrix combine with cellulosic (Bagasse fiber). In Pakistan wastage of Bagasse is very much and found in every season, so its increase the environment pollution by hazardous. By re-use of bagasse wastage in form of fiber decline the hazardous material. Cellulosic and resign composite can be used as a substitute of wooden stuff furniture. Wood is important source till starting the human era its completed human many demand in different ways but due to high ratio of demand wood is now costly also in way of obtained wood global warming are impact on environment due to lack of trees. The any cellulosic fiber include bagasse fiber extrusion is rarely easy and has more efficient properties of flexible as compare to wood also wood can be tidier during contact food and water. The Composite technology is quit famous during this era and form of matrix is quit valuable also easily get the required material. The composite consist the combining of two or more material by chemical or physical ways. The Cellulosic fiber composite shows the better performance tested against the identical sample of wood in same thickness and length under Universal Testing Machine. It’s also show the high strain curve and high magnitude against the resist force and shear strength. All testing follow under the principal of three point bending Test. Index Terms - Composite technology, Cellulosic fiber, Poly functional aminesresin, Polyamines Hardener, Cobalt, Mold.