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WHS awareness of Garments Workers in Bangladesh: Examining the gender differencein perception

Despite the RMG sector’s extraordinary success, there remain serious concerns related to WHS including the lack of social compliance, poor working conditions and safety issues. This research is aimed to understand the current level of awareness of health and safety training in the RMG manufacturing sector in Bangladesh. Furthermore, this research aims to explore the level of awareness about Workplace Health and Safety among male and female workers in the RMG sector in Bangladesh.The data was conducted using a questionnaire from 315 garments workers. The response rate was 69%. They were working in 21 different large export-oriented garment factories that supply top fashion brands around the world. Out of 315 respondents, 64% (n=202) were male and 36% (n=113) were female respondent. The result found that employee awareness of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) has a statistically significant difference between male and female. Female workers are more aware of workplace health and safety compared with male workers in the RMG sector in Bangladesh. Keywords - Bangladesh, Ready-made garments, workplace health and safety.