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Impact of Associated Product Grouping On Consumer Perception about Brand Alliance: In the Context of A Developing Country

This research paper studies the impact of associated product grouping on consumer perception about brand Alliance, in the context of a developing country like Pakistan. The dependent variable is brand alliance on consumer perception. The following variables are selected as predictors: usage condition, identity of the user and purchase principle.The study was designed to test the hypotheses through measuring the dimensions of Brand Alliance Consumer Perception. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data in a survey involving customers purchasing different products. This describes the involvement of the customer and their alliance to certain products, the type of purchase they are making. The product´┐Żs usage condition and the identity of the user are mainly focused. The study sample of 250 customers was taken from the one big city of Pakistan that is Lahore. Nature of study was quantitative and survey based empirical evidence to apply the Pearson correlation, and regression tests to test the hypotheses.ANOVA has been used as the statistical technique used in studying the relationship between the associated product grouping and Brand alliance consumer perception scenario. It was found that usage condition, identity of the user and purchase principle has a significant impact on the brand alliance on consumer perception.The research study was limited to only one city that is Lahore with restricted sample.Further research on this topic is open as more and more variables can be used to evaluate brand alliance consumer perception.The study should have vital practical implications for practicing managers and marketing strategists in the industry.The research paper aimed to comprehend the effects of associated product grouping on customer responses about brand alliance in the context of a developing country like Pakistan. This study should deliver valuable information for the organizations who desire to develop brand alliance for their products. Keywords- Associated Product Grouping, Brand Alliance, Consumer Perception, Customer,Identity of the User, Purchase Principles, Usage Condition.