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Protection of Human Rights through Vedic Doctrine

Human rights is a recent name for what has traditionally been known as natural rights, rights of man or civil rights. Human right is an important subject in the present time, which is needed for absolute development of man as well as the well preservation of human values, in order to establish joy, peace, freedom, protection, love and humanity among all the nations of the world. An announcement was held on 10th Dec, 1948 related to human rights by United Nation organization where it is narrated vastly about all the part of their subject like citizen, politics, economics, society and culture. The root of the human right is very old. The Vedic visionaries have realized divine powers lying in the natural phenomena. They experienced a loving contemplation from divine powers bestowing to all human beings. Earth, Water, Luster, Air, Sky and Rain all are said to be the gifts of nature. So Vedic seers felt their a close association with natural phenomena. Their relationship with divine powers as they have felt is too close to show their gratitude by chanting hymns. Vedic Rishis have invented some instructions from veda about religion and fulfillment of once duties in order to protect human rights, because once best perfection of duties gives to others possession protected. When a person fallen from doing his duties then he will lose his rights in society and in his family. Veda is a valuable treasure which teaches how to protect human rights. The causes by which the human rights are being neglected should be removed. To develop inner powers truthfulness, realization, strength, dutifulness love and consciousness should be developed. Vedic Rishis have their own desire of getting their qualities. To feel the earth as a family (Vasudhav Kutumbkum) to feel him self as a son of the earth (Putrohum Prithivyah) a vision of seeing every one as a friend (Mitrasyaham.......) There are seven honesties have been told in Veda - not stealing, non violence, non practice of drinking habits etc. To obtain these qualities one should has to remove evil practices. Human rights is the notion of human dignity, Which is derived from the Latin word dignitus a word denoting the possession of higher social or political status, or the moral attributes associated with that status. Human rights are invoked to protect individuals against all forms of violence, oppression, and injustice perpetrated by other people, the state or any private or public agency. But the ancient Indian culture's quest for truth is not confined to the world of space and time, but goes beyond it to achieve spiritual self knowledge; spirituality makes the power of thinking to a man, a broad sensitiveness of thinking equal right and equal possession for all human beings. The Deep and detail discussion will be held at the time of paper presentation.