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Jhumpa Lahiri and Monica Ali: Comparative and Identical Concerns

The present work is on diasporic identity and cross-cultural encounters in the works of two South Asian diasporic writers, Jhumpa Lahiri and Monica Ali. It takes into consideration that all short stories and novels of Jhumpa Lahiri and two writings Monica Ali deal the materials of migrants experiences, their identities in different Western countries, their contacts and exchanges with different cultures and the standard of the connectivity between migrants and non-migrants across national borders. Other two works of Ali focus on identity and cultural encounters in the transnational condition. Jhumpa Lahiri (July 11, 1967) is one of the most famous Indo-American writers and Monica Ali (October 20, 1967) is a Bangladeshi-born British writer and novelist. Lahiri, a representative of Indian diaspora living in America, presents the diasporic identities, cross-cultural encounters of Indians in transnational location. Monica Ali, a Bangladeshi writer living in England, deals with identities and cross-cultural issues in diaspora and transnationality in her writings. Lahiri deals with Indian diaspora and transnational identity and Ali shows Bangladeshi diaspora, diaspora of other countries and transnational identity of the people of different countries. In their writings culture and diverse cultural traditions clash, transform and create a new hybrid cultural tradition. Keywords - Cross-Cultural Encounters, Diasporic Identity, Language, Transnationalism