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Effects Of E-Learning Based Population Education Program For Low Birth Rate And Aging Society In South Korea

This study seeks to develop a population education program to be used in university e-learning courses, implement education in preparation for a low birth rate and aging society and verify its educational effects related to the value reestablishment on marriage, childbirth/caring, gender roles, etc. As the need for digital space-using education has grown in the sense of university general education innovation, this research utilized e-learning system to develop population education contents and apply it to practical class lectures. As a result, the college students´┐Ż recognition effects on population education and low birth rate/aging society preparation were found to be statistically significant, indicating the possibility of performing university e-learning-based population education as well as the possibility of educational contribution on the preparation for a low birth rate/aging society. Index Terms- Low Birth Rate And Aging Society, Population Education, E-Learning.