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On the Significance of Challenges for Using Natural Corrosion Inhibitors in Sustaining Safe Environment

In many industries, corrosion is a significant source of both economical and biological problems: Overall global cost of corrosion is estimated to be not less than $2.5 trillion. On the other hand, cost of corrosion is regarded as being composed of both direct and indirect costs, of which the cost related to environment can be safely assumed as being an indirect cost There are various methods to control corrosion that are recognized into three main methods , namely, mechanical measures (pigging), electrical measures (cathodic protections) and chemical measures (application of inhibitors) Inhibitors are defined as chemicals that affected. anodic, cathodic or both reactions to safeguard against corrosion by reducing corrosion rate and thus, leading into mechanical integrity loss of the asset. Yet, another way of categorizing inhibitors could be based on these chemicals being synthetic, green and natural. While the first two categories are relatively well known in industries, the third category, that is, the natural inhibitors are relatively unknown. What are meant by a natural inhibitor within the context of this presentation are substances such as plant extracts and essential oils as well as combination of natural objects that can show corrosion inhibitory effect. Examples are Neem tree leaves extract, honey, tobacco, and horsereddish as well as plants that have been known to exhibit corrosion inhibition properties. However the use of natural inhibitors is a challenging matter for both potential manufacturers and users. The main challenges are said to be manufacturing costs and market demand. We believe that these challenged more than being real, are basically psychological conditioning of the potential consumers to convince them the currently in-use chemical inhibitors despite their serious potential risks for the environment are still the only option. In this paper, we will try to challenge these restrictions to be mentioned against natural inhibitors briefly but to the point. Keywords - Corrosion; Corrosion inhibitors; Green inhibitor; Natural inhibitor; Neem tree-plant extract, Plants extracts; challenges against natural inhibitors.