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Transformation Strategies: Building Curriculum To Improve Organization Competitiveness

In this era of disruption, changes in information technology have an impact not only on human resources but also on organizations. The organization is currently in the era of learning organization where all aspects are given opportunities and to be highly competitive for winning competition. In building organizations, good relationships and networking with external parties has become a necessity for organizations to be able to compete and grow as strong organizations. This study discuss about: (a) what strategies are used by the polytechnic in creating industry-based curriculum (b) how can the implementation of the strategy transformation used by the polytechnic improve organizational competitiveness? Sample in this research was conducted at the State Polytechnic of Jakarta (PNJ) which PNJ was ranked the fifth in the best order of state polytechnics in Indonesia and was announced in 2018. In this PNJ condition, explained that the factors driving the assessment of rank through “tri dharma” (teaching, research and community service). The curriculum used in PNJ refers to the needs of the industry and facing with the rapidly changing information technology. This research methods using qualitative and collecting data using by interview and study of literature. Results and data analisys using strategy transformation from management strategic theory. Building curriculum in PNJ was produced by collaborating between academic institutions and external parties, such as: association of professional, companies, graduated and industry practitioners. The impelemtation of curriculum in PNJ refers to work standards from the industry and companies for each study programs. Curently PNJ have collaboration programs with companies or industry, such as: PT Trakindo, Holcim, PT Badak NGL, PT Ligo, PT Garuda Maintenace Facilities (GMF), PLN. PNJ also have colaboration with professional associations (MICE study programme with INCAA). PNJ have transformed strategy for increasing competitiveness organization with doing: (a) increasing the number of new students, (b) creative and innovative teaching and learning process, (c) building cooperation with industry, government and professional associations in teaching, research and community service. Keyword: transformation strategy, curriculum, networking, polytechnic, competitiveness