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The Conceptual Framework: Influence Of Customer Experience Management, Competitive Strategy And Customer Satisfaction On Customer Profitability In Health Spa Business, Upper Northern Region Of Thailand

The purpose of this research was to study the influence of Customer Experience Management, Competitive Strategy and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Profitability in health spa business in Upper Northern Region of Thailand. At present the tour industry, especially the health tourism is very popular which known as spa. Thai identity which was presented in Upper Northern Region of Thailand was marked as the sale point. It was outstanding from the general spa. Due to the change of marketing which highly competitive, it is necessary to add value and skill in the service for customer�s satisfaction. Disseminate the good experience from the customer is the best way to show how the service is. Hence the different competitive strategy gives rise to the satisfaction and influence on profitability. For this reason, profitability helps the proper model development in further business management. According to the national strategy which is emphasizes not only the business tourism and spa but also the customer�s benefit. This mixed research is developed from many review literatures involved the customer�s experience, competitive strategy and satisfaction that influence on the customer�s profitability. The studied sample sizes were the business spa customer in Upper Northern Region of Thailand : Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Nan, Maehongson, Lampang and Lampoon. Calculated sample sizes was provided by parameter derived from Cohen [1], together with G*power 3.0 program. Total cases were 300 cases and quota sampling by province. Questionnaires are made and issued by postal and self-collection. Quantitative analysis was performed to find out the relative factor by structural equation from Structure Equation Model (SEM) which formulated by PLS-Graph. Qualitative analysis was performed by interview and analysed the contents to support the quantitative research that concerned to health business spa. Keywords- Customer Experience Management, Competitive Strategy, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Profitability, Health Spa Business