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Effect Of Transglutaminase On Gassing Power And Specific Loaf Volume In Wheat-Barley Flour Blends Baking Quality

One bread wheat flour(Rezgary) and one durum wheat flour(Cham 5) with two barley flours were prepared in the laboratory using locally made disc mills, also a commercial bread flour and naked barley flours were used in this study, blends of wheat flour and barley flour were prepared at different ration. Khalouf flour (KH) (commercially produced in Syria) was studied before and after blending it with naked barley. The rheological properties were studied using Farinograph and Alveograph, the fermentation gassing power and specific loaf volume were carried out and finally the baking tests were conducted for all flour samples. Fermentation measure and baking tests were carried out with and without TGase. Good correlation was found between water absorption and (r=0.850 P<0.01) gassing power after five hours fermentation. Increasing dough stability and softening by addition of barley flour. The specific loaf volume (SLV) of bread decreased with the addition of barley flour and was more pronounced with white barley. The alveograph data for KH flour and its blends showed a high negative correlation of P/L with specific loaf volume (SLV) (r= -0.981 P<0.05), also the area under curve (W 10-4J) high correlated to SLV (r=0.997 P<0.01). Addition of TGase caused positive increasing in gassing power of fermented dough�s, and SLV for all flour samples and blends were increased by adding TGase at certain con. (Up to 2 U) and increasing was higher for bread wheat flour (Rezgary) compared to durum wheat flour (Cham 5). It could be concluded that: 1.Incorporation of TGase enzyme in gassing power tests showed an increase in liberated CO2 gas which from most flour samples. 2. Addition of TGase to wheat flours and their blends up to 2U improve SLV�s of all wheat flours and their blend while higher concentration of the enzyme (4U) haven�t show further increase in SLV values. 3. Baking tests of all wheat flour and their blends expressed as SLV showed that the addition of barley flour at different ration decreased SLV. Keywords- Transglutaminase, Gassing Power, specific loaf volume, Wheat and Barley Flours.