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Agile Project Management in Non-Software Product Development Teams: Levels of Usage and Critical Success Factors

This study examined whetheragile project management methods (Scrum in particular) used successfully in the software industry are also being used in non-software development industries.Using an online survey instrument, data was collected from 329 non-software/IT global practitioners to identify in what industries and work functions agile project management methods are used, to find the variables that have a significant relationship with project success, and to determine the reasons why agile project management methods may not be used in non-software development industries. Of the respondents, 238 (72%) used agile project management methods to some degree, and of those, 150 (63%) used the Scrum Framework.Results show that agile project management are indeed being used in industries other than software development, mainly in manufacturing, training and consulting, research and development, and education. Four independent variables that showed significance with project success included: (1) the commitment by management with a clear vision, (2) holding daily stand-up meetings, (3) keeping task sizes small, and (4) using visual management Keywords - Agile, Project Management, Success Factors