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The Identity Formation by Conspicuous Islamists Consumption: Turkey’s New Conservative Women

In 2000s Islamists’ gain politic and economic power in Turkey. This development, increased the polarization between Islamists and secular parts of society. Therefore, the tension between these two social groups engendered controversies on their daily lifestyles, including consumption habits. Particularly the dressing styles of women began to appear as a good example for these controversies. Furthermore, this dressing style (especially tesettur), apart from the symbol of their political preferences, also became a symbol of conspicuous Islamist consumption. At the same time, this kind of consumption became a tool for the identity formation among conservative women. We examine the reflection of these conspicuous Islamist consumption habits from the digital area. The Netnography is used as a research method, engaged by the web analytics and SEO data gathering and analysis techniques which based on the comparison of a conservative and a modern popular women life-style portals( and and on a trendy modest and none-modest Instagramer accounts. Index Terms - Tesettür, Islamist, Woman life-porta, Conspicuous Consumption, Virtual Identity.