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Envisioning Teacher Accountability Through Technology: A Road to Better Learning

Technological advancements and digitalization have increased the scope and extent of usage of technology for various purposes that have enhanced the life skills of individuals. The education system presently faces the challenge to improve students’ outcomes and ensure their well-being. The central figure facilitating the process of dissemination of knowledge, i.e. the Teacher, has an important role to play. The consequential need is to sustain the dignity of the teaching profession by holding the teachers accountable for the responsibilities entrusted on them. Similarly, the parents also play an important role in the education process. The study proposes to address this challenge through a simple web-based platform for communication between teacher, student, and parents making information readily available and accessible. This platform attempts to facilitate teacher quality, accountability, address the needs of the students, improve their learning outcomes and well-being. The implementation of the proposed model would provide several insights helpful in understanding the effect of technology-enabled accountability system on teacher efficacy, parent-teacher communication, student achievement, and student well-being. The framework proposed would examine different aspects of teaching and learning process, and assess teacher deliverables in accordance with the characteristics of students. This framework would also ensure improvement in the quality of life of students in and outside the school. Keywords - Teacher Accountability, Web-based platform, Student Outcomes