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Revealing the Economic Value of Oil Palm Trunk Waste as a Result of Agriculture for Particle Board Composite Products

This paper aims to process waste materials into particle board materials using oil palm trunk. Due to the problems in existing wood particle board products, especially resources, the authors examine that there are many potential for using materials other than wood which are an alternative, which is made from oil palm trunk waste as the main material for particle board. The fewer / limited resources and the more expensive wood materials to be used as interior products are the core of the problem of this research. Utilization with the recycling process can be carried out and has the potential for a mass production. The results obtained from this study will get more value from the utilization of oil palm trunk waste as the main material for particle board production. The creation of particle boards that made from oil palm trunk applied Material Value Upgrading science with product making methodology, Design of Experiment (DOE), Physical and Mechanical Laboratory Testing, and Discussion of Economic Value. Index terms - Oil palm Trunk, Waste, Particle Board, Material Value Conservation