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Contribution of Distributive Leadership to Succession Planning and Capacity Building

Succession planning and capacity building, in organizations, have been topics of interest in the research world for many years. How any organization copes with turnover of staff and the impact of this phenomenon on the performance of the organisation have intrigued researchers for a long time. The purpose of this study is to explore some of the different variables that influence capacity building in organisations, with context of a school. It questions the importance of a leader’s role in this matter. The study aims to figure out the relationship, if any, of distributive leadership and capacity building in schools. In other words it aims to answer the question, how distributive leadership contributes to succession planning and capacity building in schools? It also attempts to explore how this phenomenon affects the performance, culture and morale of the school and its staff. The study explores various dimensions of this topic, especially the need to develop creative leadership teams to cater to capacity building and succession planning.The exploration with an interpretivist inclinationis carried out through discourse analysis, non-participant observations and interviews. Observation and interview of the heads of schools are taken while focused group sessions in the shape of semi- structured interviews are conducted for the teachers. Three schools are included in the research, one elite private school, the second one, an army run school while the third, a public school run by an NGO. This ensures triangulation of information from various contexts and therefore helps identification of conclusions from different lenses. The participating teachers are from the same section of the various schools, i.e. students of ages 11 to 13 years of age (Middle schools). The true essence of distributive leadership is found to be somewhat missing and the need to spread leadership amonst the various tiers in a school is felt throughtout the course of the research.