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Enabling Richer Harvest Value Added Solutions for Agriculture Film and Irrigation Systems

Plasticulture makes agriculture possible in our world, where environmental challenges increase day after day. Our world is continuously changing with the increase of population, scarcity of resources and climate changes as current main concerns. Also the speed of these changes is currently high and requires an efficient response from all of us in order to assure that enough food is available for everyone in the future. As a consequence, the industry needs to focus on improving the efficiency of our agriculture and there are many efforts towards this direction. BOROUGE is one of the key players, providing solutions with the development and commercialization of adequate polyethylene grades that are used to manufacture blown films for greenhouses and mulching.The key advantages of these films need to be communicated and understood by the users. As an example: the diffusion of the transmitted light inside the greenhouse through our polyethylene film. This will allow a uniform and fast growth of the crops in all places of the greenhouse.For micro-irrigation systems, BOROUGE has developed a specific polyethylene grade suitable for the manufacturing of drip irrigation pipes, allowing a significantly higher efficiency compared to flood and spray systems.Several success stories in different countries demonstrate the advantages of using a polyethylene film for greenhouse and mulching, made of BOROUGE materials. Proposed way of presenting: PowerPoint slide pack