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Socio-Demographic Determinants of Glass Recycling in The Czech Republic

The socio-demographic changes currently ongoing in the Czech Republic as well as in other developed countries affect various areas of society, including practical issues of waste management. This article focuses on the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics of inhabitants of municipalities and the production of separately collected glass as one of the important waste streams with a quite long recycling tradition. To fulfill this purpose, 17 variables describing the population, households and housing in 4,795 Czech municipalities were selected, which may - according to foreign studies - help to explain the production of separated glass. The data have been analyzed using a multiple linear regression method. Although the resulting model explains only 8% of total variability, it is statistically significant and suggests that socio-demographic variables can contribute to explain the production of glass recycling at the municipal level. Significant variables from this point of view are the average household size, mean age, the percentage of inhabitants with completed tertiary education or the proportion of inhabitants employed in agriculture or industry. Keywords - Waste management glass waste, socio-demographic characteristics, Czech Republic